Who makes up the MIOH UTC?

Michigan-Ohio (MIOH) University Transportation Center (UTC) is a coalition of government, industry, and five regional  university partners:

The coalition will address the transportation capabilities and competitive position of the region and the nation. An environmental stewardship focus will reduce pollutants and other adverse effects not only by decreasing fossil-fuel dependence but also by developing congestion avoidance systems. UDM will lead the efforts, with Leo Hanifin, dean of the College of Engineering & Science, serving as the MIOH UTC director.

The MIOH is part of a nationwide academic network of UTCs funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation to address issues of a nation on the move in a global economy. It will work toward:

  • improving efficiency and use of existing transportation infrastructures, including congestion mitigation though intelligent transportation systems,
  • reducing energy dependence through alternative fuels and alternative energy-powered vehicles, and
  • enhancing supply chain performance.