Science Technology and Engineering Preview Summer (STEPS) Camp

Principal Investigators

  • Director- Pre-College Programs

Project Dates:

6/01/08 to 8/01/12

Project year: Year 4

MIOH-UTC Project Identifier: K-12-14

Focus Area:

  • K- 12 Educational Outreach


Science Technology and Engineering Preview Summer (STEPS) Camp:

The Summer STEPS Camps at UDM are five-day residential programs for high school girls designed to:

  • Introduce young women to manufacturing, engineering, science, math, robotics, and transportation systems;
  • Increase their interest in a career in one of these areas;
  • Provide them with a positive university experience;
  • Provide exposure to college professors and students, and professional engineers;
  • Improve their perception of engineering;
  • Inspire young women to consider a career in manufacturing, engineering or science.

Activities include academic, social and personal reflection.  The main project is a robotics activity revised to reflect a transportation theme.  The camp uses the LEGO Mindstorm NXT system.  The campers participate in academic labs for the first three days (e.g., Batteries, Programming, Sensors, Circuits, Welding, Machine Shop, Casting, Fuel Cells, and Motors).  In the late afternoons, the campers unwind with a trip to a local water park and team building exercises.  In the evenings, journal writing and daily reflections begin the residential component.

The campers experiences are similar to those of a college engineering student.  It is an opportunity for girls to learn more about what engineers and scientists do.

Progress Reports:

Total Budget: $40,245