Enabling Congestion Avoidance and Reduction in the Michigan-Ohio Transportation Network to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency: Freight ATIS

Principal Investigators

  • Dr. Ratna Babu Chinnam
    Wayne State University

Co-Principal Investigators

  • Dr. Alper E. Murat
    Wayne State University
  • Dr. Gregory Ulferts
    University of Detroit Mercy

Project Dates:

11/22/2006 to 08/31/2010

Project year: Year 4

MIOH-UTC Project Identifier: SC 2; Projects 1,2,3,4, and 5

Focus Area:

  • Research: Alternative Fuels


This project addresses incident related transportation network congestions that directly affect supply chain efficiency.  Incidents, such as accidents and breakdowns, are significant determinants of the delivery reliability within supply chain operations.  Furthermore, reliable freight deliveries play a crucial role in the logistics operations of all supply chains, in particular, those with just-in-time replenishments, such as in the automotive industry of MI-OH.  In logistics operations, incidents are the prime reasons for late/early pickup/delivery and longer transportation times, causing increased fuel costs and driver costs.  More significantly, they affect other supply chain operations through missed deliveries, idled capacity/labor, and increased schedule nervousness in the entire supply chain.  In addressing this critical issue, we will develop simulation and optimization models to evaluate the benefits of en-route information available through Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).  Our results will serve as investment/decision support tools for DOTs and logistics operators to improve delivery reliability and reduce incident related congestion affecting supply chain logistics.

Our collaboration partners are:  UPS, UPS Supply Chain Services,  C.H.Robinson, Ford MP&L, MDOT Michigan-ITS, MDOT-MITS Center, and Transportation Research Group (WSU).

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Final Report:


Total Budget: $483,098 to date


US DOT, MDOT, WSU, UDM, UPS and UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Ford Motor Company - Material, Planning & Logistics (MP&L), C.H. Robinson, MDOT- Michigan Intelligent Transportation Systems (MITS) Center, Traffic.com, Southeast-Michigan Coalition of Governments (SEMCOG)