Supply Chain/Transportation Efficiency Systems Graduate Degree Program

Principal Investigators

  • Dr. Shahram Taj [Web site]
    University of Detroit Mercy

Co-Principal Investigators

  • Dr. Subba Rao
    University of Toledo


  • Dr. Utpal Dutta
    University of Detroit Mercy
  • Dr. Paul Hong
    University of Toledo
  • Dr. Mark Vonderembse
    University of Toledo
  • Dr. Peter Lindquist
    University of Toledo
  • Dr. Neil Reid
    University of Toledo
  • Dr. Jiwan Gupta
    University of Toledo
  • Dr. Edie Chou
    University of Toledo
  • Dr. Asok Kumar
    University of Toledo

Project Dates:

11/22/2006 to 05/31/2008

Project year: Year 1

MIOH-UTC Project Identifier: SC 1; Projects 1 and 2

Focus Area:

  • Educational: Supply Chain


Supply Chain/Transportation Efficiency Systems graduate degree program covers all areas in supply chain and transportation efficiency. Supply chain system integrates global information and processes across all functions including supply management, operations and logistics – for both internal and external partners. Supply chain system professional are the agents of change for e-business, manufacturing, high-tech, service and consulting companies. Transportation system analysis and planning stress conceptual and quantitative approaches to the analysis of transportation and related systems. Our objective is to prepare students to identify, analyze, and solve complex transportation and supply chain problems, and communicate those solutions towards their successful implementation.

The program could be very flexible with only few foundation or core courses that students with engineering/science/business backgrounds could take. Then we could have two distinct or combined specialties in two focused areas. Students must meet certain requirements such as having engineering/science background to take specialized courses in transportation. We could also cross-list some of these classes for undergraduate who want to get a concentration or double major.

Reports, Presentations, Papers


Total Budget: $92,501 for one year